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29.08.2002 On the trail of a virtual bus

INVITATION to all residents of Salmdorf, Kirchtrudering and Messestadt Riem and to everyone interested in 'Park Line', a temporary art and architecture project devised by Johannes Doerle, Margarete Drum and Florian Ernst, carried out under the auspices of kunstprojekte_riem (an undertaking funded by the City of Munich) and on show until 10 September 2002:

Join us on 29 August 2002 for a short cycling trip from Salmdorf via Messestadt to Kirchtrudering - the route taken by the virtual bus in 'Park Line'.

We are meeting at the U-Bahn terminus Messestadt Ost at 6pm. From there we'll cycle to the Salmdorf Kirche bus stop, through the park where the National Gardening Exhibition will take place, to the Promenade stop in Messestadt. We'll then proceed to Kirchtrudering, arriving at the Strassl ins Holz stop at about 7pm.

At the end of the trip you'll be able to enjoy a glass of wine with the artist and architects who created 'Park Line' and with local residents.