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20.03.2003 - 20.04.2003 Oda Projesi

Oda Projesi (Özge Açikkol, Günes Savas, Seçil Yersel)
invited by kunstprojekte_riem and Kunstverein München

The Istanbul based group Oda Projesi will make a new work in Munich. The first part will be a participation project in the Messestadt Riem, a new living area in the East of Munich, 20 March to 20 April 2003. The second part will be a project at the Kunstverein München, 4 June to 31 August 2003.

As its name indicates - "Oda" signifies "space" - the group is interested in art as a means to create new ways of living and dynamic relations among different uses of private and public spaces, bridging the gap between artists, non-artists and communities. The Oda group has been working in a specific neighbourhood in Istanbul since 1997, in a place where they organise art exhibitions, workshops with children, and other activities with people living in the area. All these activities deal with the idea of how to create different environments by the use and occupation of the space. The project at kunstprojekte_riem and at the Kunstverein will function in a similar way, now involving the spaces, places and people from Messestadt Riem as well as people from Munich. The project space in the Messestadt Riem is open to be visited.

Oda Projesi will introduce themselves and their work in an artist talk in the Messestadt Riem: 26 March, at 7 pm, Bewohnertreff, Lehrer-Wirth-Straße 14. They will also give a talk about their work in Istanbul at the Kunstverein, 3 April, at 7 pm, as a part of the exhibition program "Totally motivated: A socio-cultural maneouver".


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