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08 2003

Personal opinions as public statements – Messestadt Riem speaks out
A project organised by the Department of Public Appearances in Messestadt Riem

‘How do people feel about Messestadt Riem?’ In a new type of public forum for the expression of personal opinions, the Department of Public Appearances in Messestadt will be trying to come up with an answer to this question over a two-week period.

One way for private individuals to express their opinions in public is to hang banners from their windows. Occupying a position on the threshold between the private and the public realms, the banners constitute public statements visible to everyone. The Department has produced five kinds of cloth banner, each differing in colour and measuring 75 x 100 cm. They bear messages designed to reflect the attitudes of people in Messestadt: ‘I love Messestadt Riem’, ‘It’ll all come right in the end’, ‘Yes, but...’, ‘Here today, gone tomorrow’ and ‘Messestadt – no thanks’. Under the motto ‘Messestadt speaks out’ the Department will be using these banners to gauge the mood of Messestadt inhabitants over a fortnight.

Activities are to begin on 28 August 2003 with a presentation of the five banners in Lehrer-Wirth-Strasse 36–42. Residents will be told about the ideas behind the project and encouraged to take part in it. Then, from 15 to 28 September 2003, they will be called on to display the banner of their choice from a window in their home. The opinions articulated in this immediately visible way will add up to an unadulterated depiction of how people feel about Messestadt Riem.

During the two weeks, local inhabitants will be asked for their opinion of this manner of making public statements. The results of these enquiries, and of the two-week banner displays, will be announced by the Department of Public Phenomena in Messestadt early in October and presented at the Kongresshalle in the Old Trade Fair Grounds in Munich during the symposium ‘Urban Strategies. Art in Urban Development Areas’ (15–17 October 2003).

for further information, contact
Dr Claudia Büttner, Christina Kaufmann
Erika-Cremer-Strasse 3, 81829 Munich, Germany
tel. +44(0)89-94379849, fax +44(0)89-94379845