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05 2003

Invitation to meet the artist Stephen Craig
Tuesday, 3 June 2003, at 7 pm
Residents’ meeting place, Erika-Cremer-Strasse, Messestadt Riem

kunstprojekte_riem have responded to residents’ calls for a further work of art to be installed in Messestadt Riem by inviting the Irish artist Stephen Craig (born 1960) to produce a piece for the suburb. At this meeting Craig, who is currently Professor of Fine Art at Karlsruhe University, will present his designs and discuss his previous work.

Craig’s works inhabit an intermediary world between architecture and sculpture. For Messestadt Riem he has devised an object in the form of an open pavilion that will meet the demand often voiced by local inhabitants for more colour in their new urban environment. Certain details will give the pavilion a notably lively and entertaining effect.

Craig’s piece will be set up in a green area with a number of benches. In this way the artist hopes to provide residents with a place to meet and relax in, a place in which dreams can be dreamed…

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