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04 2001

WmK 2001: Kathrin Böhm and Stefan Saffer

'WmK 2001: Wohnen mit Kunst 2001' (LwA 2001: Living with Art 2001) is an artistic service facility developed specially for Messestadt by Kathrin Böhm and Stefan Saffer in connection with 'Wohnwelten' (residential worlds), the theme of kunstprojekte_riem's activities this year.

The two artists were born in 1969 (in the German towns of Bamberg and Forchheim respectively) and are now based in Berlin and London. For a number of years, they have concerned themselves with communication issues, especially by means of interactive projects. To improve ways of establishing contact in public places and to facilitate their work there, they have devised a mobile architectural unit. In this 'WmK Mobil' (LwA Mobile) they will be present in the streets and open spaces of Messestadt from 5 May to 30 June 2001.

'WmK Mobil' (LwA Mobile) consists of an aluminium and wooden cylinder lying on its side. When closed, it is 2.20m high, 2.20m wide and 2.07m deep. Opening the sides reveals a kind of kiosk with steps and landings leading inside. 'WmK Mobil' can be used as a reception desk, a stage, an exhibition space or a bar. The cylinder moves on rollers attached to the sides. For the prototype of 'WmK Mobil', called 'Mobile Porch', the artists received the Royal Society of Art's Art for Architecture Award in London in 2000 together with the architect Andreas Lang.

Through their presence in the 'WmK Mobil' Böhm and Saffer wish to engage the local population in a dialogue. Every week for two months they will move 'WmK Mobil' to a different site, whether in a residential area, in front of a public services building such as the fire station or on the Promenade, and will discuss with residents all aspects of domestic life. Among various activities, they will offer advice on how to incorporate art in domestic surroundings, develop interior design suggestions, devise works of art and mount an exhibition devoted to art in the home entitled 'Sammlung Riem' (The Riem Collection), which will open at the end of June.

For more information, phone 0049 (0) 89-94379849 or write to