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04 2001

The Main Theme 2001: Wohnwelten

Considering the 'beginning stages' of life in the Messestadt, which over the next few years will also be determined by the permanent simultaneity of construction work, completion, and resurfacing of apartment buildings, one topic in particular concerns everyone in the Messestadt: Living. Questions such as 'How do we live?', 'How do others live?' 'How do we use our spaces?' and 'How do we furnish our apartments' interest everyone here: those viewing apartments, those arriving with their moving vans, and those furnishing their new rooms and just beginning to grow accustomed to them.

Living is also a theme of contemporary art. On the one hand, artists create uncommon installation art, design special atmospheres, and develop spaces perhaps somewhat differently than the residents of the Messestadt. They create interiors, design-objects and unusual spatial ambience using light, color and, often enough, strange materials.
Or they look into what 'living' means for people, document forms of living, question residents about their own views, and develop future models for specific ways of living. They could demonstrate that the separation between public and private space runs straight through the middle of our apartments - not only by using the difference between living room and bedroom. Living, as much as it seems to be a private theme, does determine the public life especially in a residential area.

Over the course of the year, at least eight artists will be invited to design - ideally within temporarily provided apartments - interior spaces. By operating in the middle of the 'normal' living sphere, this can lead to not only interesting glimpses into artistic working methods, but also to an almost casual way of visiting installation art in the neighborhood. In this very situation the reception of art is not, as in museums, the cause for the visit. It is the interest in unconventional ways of dealing with spaces, design, colors and forms that is in the foreground. Art supplies examples, inspiration, and new ways of perceiving spaces and the way we make them our own.

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