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06 2002


Press release June 2002

Projects by Kathrin Böhm, Andreas Lang and Stefan Saffer; Mauricio Dias and
Walter Riedweg; Karin Sander and Lützow 7; Sissel Tolaas; and Edward Beierle; plus 'Dingfest', a joint project by students of art and architecture

presentation Tuesday, 16 July 2002 at 7 pm
press conference Monday, 15 July 2002 at 11 am
Galeriahaus, Lehrer-Wirth-Strasse 17-19
Messestadt Riem, Munich

The theme of kunstprojekte_riem's activities this year is 'Gesellschaftsräume' - social spaces. During the first Munich Architekturwoche, we invite you to attend a press conference and the first presentation of the projects developed in connection with this theme. The works you will see are by Kathrin Böhm, Andreas Lang and Stefan Saffer; Mauricio Dias and Walter Riedweg; Karin Sander and Lützow 7; Sissel Tolaas; and Edward Beierle, along with Dingfest, a project devised jointly by students of art and architecture.

All the projects focus on aspects of newly created urban spaces in relation to the needs of various sections of the population, regardless of whether the works have been developed in association with users or simply with specific social groups in mind, of whether they have been realised in consultation with or with the full cooperation of architects. The artists all have wide-ranging experience of producing art for public places and have long realised that there is no such thing as 'the' public. Even a 'drawing-board' urban environment like Messestadt divides into many different 'social spaces'.

Sissel Tolaas (born in 1959 in Stavanger, Norway), whose work revolves around sounds and smells, has created a special Messestadt perfume. By pressing a button at one of the smell and sound machines set up in three places in the suburb, users can access this intense Messestadt aroma, along with names and evocative texts in various languages. Thus, Tolaas's perfume will reach visitors on their way to the trade fair grounds, people strolling along the Promenade and residents dashing to get their cars in an underground car park. The perfume is also available in a limited number of bottles.

The function and the users of their work are generally of more importance to artists working in the public realm than aesthetic concerns. By engaging the landscape architects of Lützow 7 and the artist Karin Sander (born in 1957 in Bensberg, Germany), kunstprojekte_riem has ensured that art in Messestadt's largest public space, Willy-Brandt-Platz, will not play a primarily decorative role, but instead will take an active part in daily life. The goal of those involved has been to produce something appropriate to the needs of the largest number of possible users.

This year's student project, 'Dingfest', has been devised jointly by students of the Munich Art Academy and trainee architects attending the Munich Fachhochschule, under the supervision of Andreas Meck. The work of the various interdisciplinary teams - Johannes Doerle, Margarete Drum and Florian Ernst; Genua and Peter Sarger; Claudia Heinzler and Katja Zachmann; Katharina Teuchert and Steffen Werner - has resulted in four installations in public sites in Messestadt and in the Marienhof in the centre of Munich.

These projects address the public at large, in outdoor environments and in virtual spaces sometimes involving specific locations. Two other works address specific sections of the population, involving cooperation with architects and with the social groups concerned. Mauricio Dias (born in 1964 in Rio de Janeiro) and Walter Riedweg (born in 1955 in Lucerne) developed their project in cooperation with the staff and pupils of what will become the Förderzentrum München Ost, a special school now housed provisionally in Messestadt.

The German artists Kathrin Böhm (born in 1969 in Bamberg), Andreas Lang (born in 1968 in Oberhausen) and Stefan Saffer (born in 1969 in Forchheim) have produced their work in accordance with the wishes of its users. In connection with last year's theme, 'Wohnwelten' (residential worlds), they talked with local firemen about possible changes to the new fire station in Messestadt. Subsequently, they approached the architect of the fire station, Reinhard Bauer, and worked out three proposals with him that will now be implemented.

Messestadt's 'social spaces' are the result of the many people who have come together to form groups and communities. Edward Beierle has photographed them in large-format images. These group portraits, along with some he has taken of company staffs and professional groups, will be on show to the public in the Atrium of the Galeriahaus.

presentation Tuesday, 16 July at 7 pm

press conference Monday, 15 July at 11 am
a Galeriahaus, Lehrer-Wirth-Strasse 17-19
Messestadt Riem, Munich
followed by a viewing of the works with the artists

for further information, contact kunstprojeckte_riem
Dr Claudia Büttner, Christina Kaufmann
Erika-Cremer-Strasse 3, 81829 Munich, Germany
tel. +44(0)89-94379849, fax +44(0)89-94379845