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05 2003

Urban Strategies. Art in Urban Development Areas
An international symposium, Munich, 17 – 19 October 2003

Art today faces new challenges. Particularly in Germany, many cities are undergoing a far-reaching transformation that involves redevelopment of public spaces. Sites formerly occupied by industrial, transport and military facilities are being turned into residential districts. Making art an integral part of these physical and social developments is a difficult task, but one that offers unusual opportunities.
This aspect of art in public places is the subject of a three-day symposium, “Urban Strategies.
Art in urban development areas”, to be held in Munich from 17 to 19 October 2003. The symposium, which will be open to the public, marks the end of four years during which kunstprojekte_riem has initiated art projects in a new suburb taking shape on the site of the former Munich airport. Artists, architects, urban planners, landscape architects, art educators, representatives of local government and members of the public are invited to discuss the place of art in urban development, its opportunities, strategies and limits.
The economic, political and physical conditions pertaining in selected urban developments will be described as a basis for further discussion. This will involve examination by sociologists, planners and artists of their own and the public’s expectations with regard to art and to culture in general in these new surroundings.
A major focus of the symposium will be the possibilities open to art to contribute actively to the development of urban districts and to the life of the communities living and working in them. Artists who have worked successfully in this field will discuss their approaches.
A further issue to be debated will be cooperation among artists, architects and planners. Representatives of all three disciplines will speak on their attitudes to one another, on their experiences in this area and how they see future developments.
Finally, a number of arts projects devised specially for new urban districts in Germany and abroad will be presented and discussed.

The symposium is organised by kunstprojekte_riem, an undertaking funded by the City of Munich, in association with Munich’s Goethe-Forum and Bauzentrum. It is being supported by the Kultur-stiftung des Bundes.


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