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03 2003

Press release Munich, March 2003

Invitation to meet the artists of Oda Projesi
Wednesday, 26 March 2003, at 7 pm
Bewohznertreff, Erika-Cremer-Strasse, Messestadt Riem

kunstprojekte_riem and the Munich Kunstverein (Art Association) are pleased to announce a visit by the members of the Oda Projesi group: Özge Açikkol, Günes Savas and Seçil Yersel. The Turkish artists will be in Messestadt Riem from 20 March to 20 April 2003.
The Turkish word ‘oda’ means roughly ‘space’, and the work of these women artists revolves around the various functions of private and public spaces and around the living conditions of specific individuals. Since 1997 Oda Projesi has successfully mounted exhibitions, organised workshops and initiated other activities in Instanbul. In Messestadt Riem the group will likewise seek to generate interaction between artists, non-artists and local residents. They will do so in a variety of places, including the school, the park, the baker’s shop and a flat in Erika-Cremer-Strasse next to the residents’ meeting place. Among the activities they will be organising during their month-long stay is an opportunity for young people to make short films about their life in Messestadt.
At this meeting of the ‘Riemer Runden’ (Riem forum) the Oda Projesi artists will report on their work in Istanbul and present their ideas for Munich and Messestadt, which will focus on so-called ‘everyday’ life, on the use of space and language.
The artists will be documenting their Messestadt activities in film and other media. The results will be presented to the public in April (details to be announced in due course). A second presentation will be on show at the Munich Kunstverein from 3 June to 31 August 2003.

For more information, contact:
Claudia Büttner and Christina Kaufmann
Erika-Cremer-Strasse 3, 81829 Munich, Germany
tel. (0) 89–94379849, fax 0049 (0) 89–94379845