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06 2001

Sommerkino, compiled by Florian Wst

5, 12, 19 and 26 July 2001, from 10pm
Messestadt Riem, green area on the Promenade, end of Lehrer-Wirth-Strasse
admission free

A screen, a film and video projector, some benches. Images and sounds are flitting through the mild night air. The moving world of illusions great and small that often seem more real than reality itself passes before our eyes in a green area of Messestadt. This is 'Sommerkino' (summer cinema) for everyone!

On Thursday evenings in July kunstprojekte_riem will show outstanding contemporary European movies along with an experimental short. The films tell a wide variety of stories, about life on the edge of a city and in a new apartment, about reflections of the outside world in homes and their circumscribed emotional world, and about that fantastical realm of passionate love, misunderstandings and surprises which the human soul longs for so desperately.


5 July 2001 at 10pm
'Speak Easy', directed by Mirjam Unger, A, 1997, 20 min.
'Raus aus ml', directed by Lukas Moodysson, S, 1999, 89 min.

12 July 2001 at 10pm
'Zwischen vier und sechs', directed by Corinna Schnitt, D, 1997, 6 min.
'Die Noorderlingen', directed by Alex van Warmerdam, NL, 1992, 102 min.

19 July 2001 at 10pm
'Passage l'acte', directed by Martin Arnold, A, 1993, 12 min.
'Nordrand', directed by Barbara Albert, A/D/CH, 1999, 103 min.

26 July 2001 at 10pm
'Home Stories', directed by Matthias Mller, D, 1990, 6 min.
'Mein Onkel', directed by Jacques Tati, F/I, 1958, 109 min.

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