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04 2003

‘Anprobe Feuerwache 10’
Kathrin Böhm, Andreas Lang and Stefan Saffer

kunstprojekte_riem invites you to attend the first presentation of ‘Anprobe Feuerwache 10’

time Thursday, 8 May 2003, at 10.30 am
place Feuerwache 10, Joseph-Wild-Strasse 15, 81829 Munich

‘Anprobe Feuerwache 10’ is an interdisciplinary project encompassing art, architecture and everyday life. Its aim has been to find generally acceptable solutions to the conflict between the architecture of the local fire station, Feuerwache 10, and the practical and human needs of its users.

The firemen of Feuerwache 10 got to know Kathrin Böhm (born 1969) and Stefan Saffer (born 1969) in 2001 when the artists spent two months in Messestadt with their ‘Wohnen mit Kunst Mobil’ (Living with Art Mobile). In the course of discussions with Böhm and Saffer about possible changes to the exterior and interior of the building it became clear that the firemen’s desire to have works of art in the fire station was motivated by more than purely aesthetic considerations.

In 2002 these discussions resulted in ‘Anprobe Feuerwache 10’, in which Böhm, Saffer and Andreas Lang (born 1968) enlisted the support of the building’s architect, Reinhard Bauer, and members of the administration in developing proposals that would satisfy the requirements both of the firemen and of the architect. Following a period of intensive debate, during which the artists functioned as intermediaries and aesthetic advisers, all participants agreed on a number of measures. A corner seat for the communal area was to be made in the fire station’s carpentry workshop. The rest rooms were to receive adjustable wall coverings in accordance with the firemen’s wish for warm-toned materials, more colour and areas they could design themselves. And the exterior of the fire station was to be altered so as to make its function immediately apparent. To this end, a photograph of the firemen in action was adapted artistically and transferred to the facade at its full height by the artists and some of the firemen.

Since 1999 the work of Böhm, Saffer and Lang has revolved around the interaction of art and architecture. They have devoted particular attention to situations in which individual and private concerns come in conflict with institutional and public interests.

Take this opportunity to visit a fire station and let us show you the results of this joint project in the company of the firemen of Feuerwache 10 and the artists.

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